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Review Of GSA Search Engine Ranker


Make no mistake about it; GSA Search Engine Ranker is a pure spam tool. If Google catches you using it why doing something idiotic like sending its links to your first tier properties of money sites — that is your ass! It's an easy way to catch a Penguin Penalty. With Google becoming increasingly more sophisticated, especially at spotting penguin issues (link manipulation), so bad if you want to learn this tool you must use it with care. Also, if you want to become adept at using GSA Search Engine Ranker you had better be willing to put in some serious time.

Is GSA Search Engine Ranker or for Everyone? The answer to that is most definitely no, what if you want to be a power SEO you need to take advantage of every opportunity and there will be times when using traditional linking strategies are not going to cut it.


review gsa search engine ranker


Also, before going any further, I would like to give the same advises I do for many other products including Blueclipbacklinks and several others. If you keep reading on the pages beneath you'll see that there are additional costs. Running mass GSA campaigns because you need to have a lot of good proxies and a good CAPTCHA breaking service, fortunately, GSA Search Engine Ranker probably makes the best one and them what captions that can't be solved I sent to Death By Captcha.


Minimum System Requirements To Run GSA

Another important thing with using GSA as you need to be using your lists, GSA comes off the shelf with its built-in list, but you had better bet that Google knows in one second that those links are used for nothing but link manipulation. That's why to recommend using a tool like Scrapebox to harvest your niche targeted URLs as well as taking what types of sites you'd want to target.

Also, as a final consideration, it is almost impossible to run GSA without the use of a VPN. According to the manufacturers, this is the minimum hardware requirements. If I review I wouldn't go crazy, but I would go better than the minimum:


For one, you will need a fairly robust VPN, as the program uses up too much memory and bandwidth run from your desktop. If you go co-located you want at least 4GB of memory and unlimited bandwidth (with no throttling):

  • Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, Vista, XP, 7, 8, …
  • 1GB+ RAM
  • You need dedicated proxies! NO PUBLIC AND NO SHARED PROXIES! Proxy companies can be shady, and most are just resellers of BuyProxies, so I go straight to the source. If you want to get abt more trick, you can try Storm Proxies
  • A CAPTCHA breaker. What I like to is GSA Captcha Breaker because it is not an additional monthly cost.
  • An indexing service: The are a few schools of thought on this, but they type of link GSA also create the same ones Google would rather not index. If links aren't indexed, they don't count. The best indexers are Backlinks Indexer (slightly more expensive/highest success) and Instant Link Indexer (cheaper packages/less success). I use both. GSA also has a desktop indexer that is a one time fee, but isn't that effective either!
  • 1GB+ hard disk space
  • Internet connection (cable/DSL)
  • GSA SER Verified Link Lists, or you need to scrape list by hand with a tool like Scapebox!
  • Lastly, you are going to need some training. As I mentioned GSA has a very high learning curve. Fortunately, we have you covered. Check out this 2 hour GSA Training video right on this site. It will also give you a good idea of what to expect!

It is also a good idea to host your VPN at a hosting facility where there aren't a lot of other black cat activities going on. I will provide a detailed listing of my recommendations with the hosts that I would recommend (I'm not very happy with my right now).


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 Check it out here:

This product has been rated four stars by shiny object reviews

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