A Review of the Instant Link Indexer

Instant Link Indexer was perhaps the first of the automatic blog pinging software and one of the best-known. It integrates with a ton of search engine tools GSA Search Engine Ranker, some of them that are even outdated, SEnuke XCr, Backlink Monitor, AIO Wiki Poster, 301 Redirector, etc. Magic Submitter, SEnuke XCr, Backlink Monitor, AIO Wiki Poster, 301 Redirector, etc. The number one draws of the software: You can “drip feed” the backlink signal, so they come in at a natural rate. Optionally, you can set it just to blast with no delay but not recommended. I have been using Instant Link Indexer and Backlinksindexer in tandem for many years and now and have never had a problem with the Google penalty.

A screen shot of the members section of instant link indexer

The Are So Many Link Indexers? How do I know which one is best?


Services like Back Links Indexer are particularly handy if you are running IFTTT Networks that have a ton of web 2.0 properties of that Google isn't too fond of indexing for simply don't have enough links to them or can be the victim of their “duplicate content” that published from the main feed. (Editor's Note: duplicate content is mostly a myth – see why!) As I have said it in many other posts on search engine optimization on Shiny Object Reviews: When it comes to if you are masses are “Black hat” or “white hat” there isn't a difference. If you are doing anything to game Google's results; your hat is black! You heard me right! If you were trying to manipulate the behavior of search engine's and their spiders: The hat you are wearing is black.




The service even provides a unique API key. So you can develop custom applications as well as it works with some traditional link building platforms such as RankWyz, Backlinks Genie, and Link Pushing, although using these types of platforms comes with a much higher risk than if you were just using BackLinks Indexer by itself.

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4 stars from shiny object reviews

What Is A Link Indexer?


Backlinks Indexer Review –

I have no idea how a review of Backlinks Indexer by creator slipped past me. I use this tool on a daily basis and have never had a problem with catching a penalty or my links not getting indexed. On a good day, your links are indexed in minutes.

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