Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Software Review

Long Tail Pro is easy to use keyword research software app that provides you with a list of thousands of highly targeted, profitable keywords for whatever niche you are interested in and lets you calculate keyword competitiveness for those niches.

The keyword competitiveness feature is particularly useful because it helps you to estimate the difficulty of getting to the top 10 of Google search results for each keyword, giving you an idea of what level of competitiveness it is worth investing in with the keywords. You can also provide the tool with your domain name, and it will look at the quality of the domain and its current ranking power to help you decide where you should focus your efforts.

Pick The Keyword Battles You Can Win!


The tool is full of useful metrics and analytical systems, allowing you use Majestic for things like domain authority, the number of indexed URLs, page authority, and the number of domains referring to a particular page or your whole domain. The Rank Value will help you to figure out the profitability of a keyword based on shared goals – such as selling via Amazon affiliate links, ranking for Adsense, or even selling your product.

To use the tool, you select a niche and a list of keywords. You can ‘favorite' a keyword and then revisit it later, and you can track multiple keywords, and log competition data, top 10 results, keyword metrics, etc.

You can filter results by CPC, by the number of advertisers, the number of words, how many local searches they attract, and other metrics.

Thinking About Going Platinum?


The Platinum version of the software has a built-in tool for keyword competitiveness that will calculate a score from 0-100, using a proprietary algorithm. The KC score will bring everything together with a precise number that will let you just pick out the best keyword without looking at the rest of the metrics.



There is also a cloud version of the software that is easier to use, and that often runs faster based on your browser and internet connection, rather than being a standalone piece of software. It has a handy Brand Rank metric which can help you to identify the most popular keywords.

Now, SEO is just one part of the equation, and Long Tail Pro won't assist you if you are just relying on ‘high-value keywords' and don't have anything else to back it up. Bad content and low incoming links will kill any site. Long Tail Pro is just a tool to tell you what you should be working. You have to do the job. If you are willing to put that work in, however, Long Tail Pro can help you to build a successful website.

The tool uses proven metrics and does not make any unreasonable claims. It is perhaps the easiest and most efficient way of brainstorming and doing extensive long tail keyword research.



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