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Hi, I’m Jason and have been making money online for over 17 years. While I may not be too much into plugins or marketing them aggressively, Project Supremacy 2.0 has changed my mind. The following is my review of this WordPress plugin. I think you will find my ramblings useful.

The creators project supremacy in total scammers

What Is Project Supremacy 3.0? Answer it's a SCAM! Use Yoast it's free, and it works better!


Herc Magnus and Todd Spears have been working tirelessly trying to con people into thinking they had invented some new “ranking software” when that couldn't be further from the truth. What they have managed to come up with is a product that seems to be probably the standard for SEO both now and in the near foreseeable future. It easily allows users to insert schematic data into their websites which are perfect for a local ranking.


Beware: Spammy Stucted Data Ahead


I have been a webmaster for 20 years and a never once got a google penalty until I started using this crummy Structured Data plugin. I did manage to get the penalty lifted finally! I just uninstalled the plugin!


googe reconsideration request


Project Supremacy 2.0 is a WordPress plugin created by online marketing gurus Herc Magnus and Todd Spears. It is made so simple that even a total newbie that has no prior knowledge of SEO should be able to use it and outrank competitors easily.

Project Supremacy 2.0 claims that I will again make SEO as the most important factor when ranking your website on page 1 of search results on Google. The creators of the product claim that the plugin will give a total newbie the ability to outperform competitors and outrank them on Google. That again is through the use of the schematic data which Google only recently gave it the thumbs up. Schematic Data is why you now see hours of operation and sometimes stars for reviews directly in the search results.


An example of how you can optionally add schematic data:


project-supremacy-plugin-for-wordpress - members views



later later scematic data

Should You Invest In Project Supremacy 2.0?



Let me give you a quick rundown of the features included in this brand-new, cutting edge SEO plugin.

1. Do keyword research with data from the Googlekeywordplannel  planner without ever leaving your site also create the core and even integrates with some content creation services. LOL – Hell no, these fools still think you can scrape the Adword planner. It's a sham and doesn't work. If you are not an AdWords advertiser, you can't use the planner. Simple enough?

2. The ability to quickly butcher Json-LD to the point where Google won't reward you for having it on he page, it will put you in the swap penalty box! You can try to create bogus NAP information, review/ratings, and associated social media accounts.

3. Spam Geo-tag any JPEG on your WordPress blog – if you bother compressing the images (which you should for speed) This info will only get stripped out, and you are just pissing your time away!. They have an interface to turn a PNG to a JPEG which is highly convenient. You first select an image, then the image is sent to a server to be encoded and then sent back to your blog where you host the image locally but now with Geo-specific information.

4. From your keyword sets that you have collected, you can quickly assemble a site based on those keywords. For the “local rank and rent method” only.

5. You can order articles from iNeedArticles and iWriter without ever leaving your WordPress dashboard. That is if you want some crapped spun content from a content farm that would never serve in a tier one / money site situation!!

6. Through the plug-in, you were able to connect to Amazon, Clickbank, and Markethealth at the API level without ever having to leave your blog. That is if you think those are the only affiliate programs on earth! These scammers can join the hall of lame for getting kicked out of JC ZOO – maybe they can go down to where he's is hiding and have a big scam party!

7. PS gives you the ability “cloak” your affiliate links so that Google does not give you an “affiliate site penalty.” Here is a better idea, get Pretty Link Pro!! It's 10x this piece a garbage!

8. Easily create silo style navigation on your site. Well, not really, just start using Yoast, and the Breadcrumbs feature it's free, it works better, and it is also structured data!

9. Add pictures from Pixabay which you can geotag from Creative Commons without ever leaving your WordPress blog. That is if you want your blog to look like complete amateur garbage!

10. Add and search for YouTube videos through WordPress through the interface.

11. Project Supremacy also houses a Yoast-like Interface which allows you to set custom search engine titles for your posts and pages.


Final Thoughts


Project Supremacy 2.0 is simply the best WordPress plugin you can use to boost your Google ranking in a concise time even if you are a total newbie. It is one of the best products I have come across in a long time. I can say without fear of contradiction that I am surprised that it has taken this long for somebody to realize that this plugin is the best way to boost traffic, get a good ranking with permanent staying power, which means additional sales, commissions, and leads without having to pay for advertising.

While I cannot obviously guarantee that you will jump to page 1 within the next 24 hours or see an increase in results, I can assure you that it works. The best way to understand this is by applying it to your site.

Project Supremacy 2.0 is incredibly easy to use and is a quick plugin that works. Best of all, the members’ area is simply excellent. The best part about the members’ area has to be the video tutorials that are easy to follow and get you up to speed.

On A Final Note


Project Supremacy 2.0 is a very safe investment. If you are unhappy  (and you wl be) with the PS for whatever reason, you can rest easy since Herc and Todd will refund every cent with no questions asked and ho hassle.

The most effective Word press plug-in ever; the developers say that someday PS will replace Yoast ultimately, I'm not sure if I would go that far, but just for the geotagging abilities alone it is worth its weight in gold.




Check it out here:

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