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Damon Nelson's RSSMasher Reviewed

RSSMasher was released December 16.What is RSS Masher? It's a premium RSS feed aggregator (yes, that mean Paid)  You get a lot for your money.  It is the best tool to add personality your marketing personas (fill tweet and status updates to make them look real) and creates custom feeds as well as add “money hooks” which make money from this traffic.


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RSS Stands For: Really Simple Syndication (Don't Over think it)

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Some sites allow you to blend your feeds, such ass RSSMix, but the blended feeds are prone to problems. If a third-party aggregator goes out of business, your RSS feed could be replaced with a spam affiliate links for hobby drones. Hence, it isn't always the best idea for the business.

If you are going to be serious about automation, it doesn't hurt to invest in a premium RSS feed syndication and the best part is since RSS is a 20 years old technology, you aren't getting the flavor of the month charge

Do you know how I know?

That drone thing it's happened to me!


As you can see in the video that accompanies this review RSSMasher easy to use software is a cloud-based solution from Damon Nelson, best known for VidPenguin.

All of Damon Nelson's products is ridiculously simple. There is no need to waste hours trying to get your chops up mastering a new complex program. Below a screen shot of the RSSMasher members. It consists of a single button to start your feed.

Yep, you see it right. It's one button and three columns, but don't let the simplicity fool you, RSSmasher is powerful, and the newest version comes with a nifty WordPress plugin.


screenshot rssmasher

Meet The Superfeed!


As you create new feeds, they get saved as “internal feeds” in your collection. You can quickly re-purpose them new feeds by adding new filters. Doing this alone will create a different feed.

It takes 5 minutes to create a “superfeed,” ready monetize with just a few simple clicks.

RSSMasher was in Beta testing for nearly a year. The eye for detail shows. The software applies some additional formatting, so the feeds blend seamlessly into content. RSSMasher comes recommended by some of the best-known SEOs in the industry, such as Simon Dadia (BrowSEO) and Bradley Benner (Semantic Mastery).

An endorsement from Shiny Object Reviews may not mean as much, but we give it a strong one. You only need Pro license, unless you have 100+ profiles to manage!


What is a “Money Hook”?


One of the coolest features of RRSMasher is the ability to add “money hooks” Money hooks are small bits of content that can appear below, above or both that can contain affiliate or links to an e-com site. When you blend the feeds, you can either apply them on a per feed basis or globally. You also can spin the text.


RSS masher "money Hooks" screenshot


Don't expect to park a Ferrari in your driveway from “Money Hooks”. If you continue them niched out, you can see some passive income trickle in here and there. I usually set mine to Ebay's affiliate program.

RSS Source Attribution


There is a difference between just scraping someone's site for content and putting together a curated blog. A curated blog gives attribution to the source. Yes, folks, the duplicate content deal is a myth. As long as you cite the source you can stay out of hot water with Google! You can achieve this quite quickly; just check the box beneath the feed you are syndicating.

Yep, that's all you need to do to stay legal.




RSS Masher is a nerd's wet dream. The difference is you can change the source content of the feeds on the fly. In the past, if a feed went down ( a la Yahoo Pipes) you would have to pull the feed everywhere it's being used and that can turn into a real mess. With RSSMasher you can add or subtract new / problem feeds straight from the source. That is a HUGE plus!

That Is Still A Little Bit Nerdy


I can understand how you can be intimidated by RSS feeds. Here is an example of a site I put together using RSS feeds in just a few hours and haven't touched it since. If you are on the fence, download my free e-book. I don't leave anything out; Then you can come back and decide if RSSmasher is right for you!



No shitty sales funnels, nothing complicated to learn, no sneaky re-billing – just simplicity and power. Not every day I can speak so highly of a new IM product, and how it can help your business! If (like many of us) you are trying to automate multiple social profiles and struggling, then RSSMasher is a must have.



BUY NOW!!!!!!!!

Check it out here:


This product has been rated four stars by shiny object reviews

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