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RSSMasher 2.0 WordPress Plugin Review


I have to admit that I wasn't too excited about the RSSMasher WordPress plugin because I had already been using FeedWordpres for years to import RSS feeds. As I mentioned in a previous review, Damon Nelson and Bill Marks got screwed over when Google discontinued the keyword search API of RSS feed just a week after the public release. The RSSMasher WordPress plug-in is very simple to use. The only requirement is you be logged into your RSSMasher account and wp-admin for it to function and you will see all of the “mashes” that you created and will have the option to sync them up with your site.





Check out some good looking websites that Pure RSS!


To test out the new WordPress plug-in and are used a domain and I meant to use for a Jägermeister store, but never I had the time to put into it.



I was able to generate a relevant website with in-depth content with just a stock WordPress theme.

I used a separate “mashes” to create categories and include stuff like “Jager girls” and “lifestyle” to add some entertainment value, so the site is not just a lame afiliateproduct feed.


Want to see the crazy part?


I didn't buy any traffic or build a single link. I just some IFTTT automation going on the backend. Look at the results: 0 to 800 page views overnight.

Here is a screenshot of the page views from Jetpack:



rssmasher traffic boost


Always Give Credit Where Credit Is Due


Another good part is that the plug-in sites attribution the source, so you aren’t just scraping someone else's work and asking for a Google penalty!

That said, I would recommend anyone who is going to try to develop an affiliate site with RSSMasher should blend “mashes” to create a better user experience. You should try to be creative and find RSS feed's that are engaging and exciting to your audience, and you will go a lot further using RSSMasher to develop a site.

If someone wants to look at the product feed from Amazon or eBay, they can just go straight to the source!

Nobody looks for spam.

I have officially raised RSSMasher to a 5-star review!

See my first RSSmasher Review here.

Want to see sites created with the help of RSS Masher?

http://jaygermeister.net – (80% “mashed”)
http://loljesus.com/ – (been around since 1995)



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Check it out here:


4 stars review



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