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Reverse Backconnect Rotating & Private Dedicated Proxies – Storm Proxies Review

Storm Proxies is one of the more reputable proxy providers in the business. They offer a broad range of different configurations including Reverse Backconnect Rotating, Dedicated, Rotating and Dedicated Proxy. Priced the same as Buy Proxies. I don't have proof, but I suspect Storm Proxies and Buy Proxies are resellers of a larger proxy company.

Why rotating proxies work the best for Ticket Scalpers?


Rotating proxies pull from a large pool for IPS and change IP's at frequent intervals. They are best suited for scraping sites, ticket scalpers, and spam tools like GSA. BackConnect Proxies are slightly better for scraping sites for content. Private proxies and IP addresses keep you from getting you slapped. Whatever the reasons, there are many rotating proxy providers, and Storm Proxies is gaining its rapidly growing reputation for a reason.

What Is The Best Proxy Type For You?

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Proxy services include:

  • Dedicated proxies – These proxies are best suited for a tool like BrowSEO; you have to change them out 30-day intervals.
  • Residential Proxies – Have you ever noticed when using a proxy you are YouTube views do not go up? I have been testing the “residential proxies” and have found they work quite well just as long as the whole class C block is not on Google IP Blacklist.
  • Rotating Proxies – Tor offers a SOCKS Proxy to allow communication from HAproxy to Tor, Polipo is used to translate from HTTP proxy to SOCKS proxy. HAproxy can talk to HTTP proxies –
  • Social media proxies you private proxies with one account per IP address, public proxies or port scanned don't fool anyone! You need private proxies. –
  • Ticket sites – Like TicketMaster , TicketFly, MLB, VividSeats, AXS, StubHub, Tickets.com etc. These proxies work with “ticketbots,” Insomniac and custom made bots to plunder tickets sites.


Storm Proxies Benefits: Part 1

While some companies only focus on one type of proxy or one particular use of these services, Storm Proxies specializes in a wide number of services that customers may want or need.

There are a wide array of advantages offered by this company. They not only give the basics you would expect from a company specializing in IP proxy services but also offer a wide array of support and other benefits. These are not all inclusive. However, these services do set Storm Proxies a step above and beyond many of the other companies in the business offering a lot less.

Notable Benefits: Part 2

-Network optimized for high-level performance
– Services instantly delivered upon payment – no need to wait for further processing!
– No limit on bandwidth usage
– Secure privacy/anonymity setups
– Reliable customer support

There are more but are the significant benefits available to going with this particular provider.

Customer Support

– Customer support is split into two groups:
– Existing customers customer service
– Pre-sale customers service

The fact they back up what they say proves to be a very efficient setup that makes sure the right questions from customers go to customer service providers who specialize in helping them out with those particular types of questions.

All Of The Feedback Is 100% Positive!

What Is The Refund Policy?

There is a 48-hour money back guarantee. While this seems a little bit short in many ways, as it does not give much time to test out the services, it still does give the option to get money back.

So What's The Final Verdict?

There's a lot to like about what Storm Proxies brings to the table. While they are not perfect, they are a high-quality provider who gets the important right. If you find yourself in need of any of their services, its hard finding a better combination of fair pricing and outstanding service that this company offers. They are pros in proxy services, and robust support does not hurt.

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4 stars from shiny object reviews

UPDATED 4/30/2017 – Here is the breakdown of the different proxy services. Storm Proxies is the player in the game for Ticketmaster or residential proxies. If you need them for SEO go to buy proxies.  

Maybe I Just Got Here At The Wrong Day!


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