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Domain Services:

NameCheap – Save a few bucks and get (in my opinion), better service than GoDaddy or some of the better-known domain providers.

Email Services:

Aweber The best IM advice = It is never too early to start collecting e-mail addresses!

Get Response – Between these guys and Aweber, they are the best way to help you manage your E-mail list!

Hosting Services:

DreamHost – These guys seem to be taking over the space that has been left by the poor service from Hostgator a popular choice for good website hosting.

SiteGround – Another excellent alternative to Hostgator is you are looking to start a blog and not be in a massive hosting contact.

Hostgator is giving it another shot at #webhosting, as a show of good faith you can get 25% off

Turnkey Hosting – Doesn't get easier than this. Cheap Colo was hosting with no plans of BS; TurnKey Internet is a premier provider of Dedicated Servers, Cloud Servers, Web Hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Mail Servers, Colocation, and Managed Services.

WordPress Themes:

Elegant Themes – The very theme that this site is on (Divx) you can get from these guys. I'm a huge fan!

My Theme Shop – Some of the best premium WordPress themes. Many excellent choices!

Be Superfly – Make you Word Press site Stand out by adding child theme and be superfly –

Social Media Management:

Social Pilot – It's like Hoot Suite but WAY better!

Citation building for local business:

LoganixThis is the Cadillac are all citation building services. If you are a local marker with a high-end client, you need to check this out!

Whitespark – This Canadian based form has been a staple for Local Internet Marketers for years.

Remarketing and Retargeting:

AnswerBase –  Improve your retargeting and remarketing with the innovative Q&A Software Solution!

Link Building (BackLinks):

Serp SpaceA virtual marketplace for all things SEO and Internet marketing related. Services include Video Powerhouse, Maps Powerhouse, Press Release Services, GSA Link-blasts, PBN Domain Vetting by Semantic mastery. Most recently they added an in-house link indexer.

Conversion Optimization

Improvely – Identifies the source of every signup and sale, whether it's from a marketing campaign or any other channel.


DMCA TakeDown Service (DMCA.com)  – Has someone been stealing your intellectual property? Do something about it and file a DMCA takedown request.

I need ArticlesMaybe you have writer's block or not enough time in the day bang out 3000 words.

IWriterA service that allows you to order custom blog content from a pool of writers

Press Release Services

24-7 Press Release – Need to get the work out there? You can do it 27/7 do a decent network of high authority networks.

SERPSPACE – Another great press release service, from my favorite market for all things IM SERPSPACE!


Webinar Platforms:

Webinar JEOIncrease chances to close sales by 90% by doing unlimited live webinars.

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Hey Hackers / Negative SEO Assholes…

This song is for you... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2H5uWRjFsGc

Important WordPress Updates (Security Please Update Now)

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