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A Review Of IWriter's Solution To Buy Custom Blog Content


I got turned on to IWriter because it is one of the services they bundle with Project Supremacy. I have never worked there as a writer, but it's worth noting that you can either write content or buy custom content

99% of what you read art Shiny Object Reviews is my writing, but when I get backlogged with reviews, I will use one of these services to write the skeleton of my review. I'll buy 300-500 words just as a base for the content, but even with what they provide you were always going to have to come back and edit. Unless you draft instructions as long as the article you want to write, you will never be going to be on the same page as an outsourced rider because they don't have the same point of view.

One nice thing about I writer is you form a relationship with the writers. Your content request goes on an auction system. You can say you want “so many words written on X topic” and then it will go out to the pool authors, somebody can take it or leave it.

I found IWriter a little bit on the pricey side compared to Ineedarticles one. If you find a writer that's in your wheelhouse, you can request them again. You can even block writers from accepting your jobs.




IWriter wants a little bit more specifics than INeedArticles, and you can choose from Basic (crap content), Premium(hit or miss) or Elite (still hit and miss, but you pay more) packages.

Compared against INeedArticles, you get essentially the same product. Nothing from nothing ever super impressive to straight up train-wrecks! As we go into 2017, we are starting to see more people opting for cheaper and more engaging curated content, so who don't know this kind of “article farm” blog content will produce the same results as in 2015 or even 2016 for that matter,

It's worth noting, if you are a Project Supremacy user, there is a bug in it right now, you can submit your article, but they're not getting through the system correctly (yes, I checked my API key!)

If you are serious about blogging, you will never get the quality of writing you demand. Lastly, iWriter is owned by Brad Callen's., who is Brad Callen's internet marketing firm. These are no lack of scam complaints levied against this company, although I have never had a problem personally.


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