Loganix Citation Building, Audit and Cleanup Review

There are many citation building services out there such as Whitespark, Bright Local, and Yext (I recommend that you avoid them). Loganix is the Cadillac of citation building services, and they are also the only company I would even consider for a citation cleanup.

For those of you who don't know what a citation cleanup is, let's just put it this way, it's hell on Earth. For your business to show up correctly in Google local search and maps, you can't have three different names and addresses for one business. That will just confuse Google, and we'll leave you with poor results. The citations must be consistent. Meaning the name of the company, the address, and phone number must be the same across all listings. In geek language, known as a NAP (name, address, phone number).

For example, say a company has moved once or even twice and has citation such as Yellow Pages and Yelp, but they have not done a good job keeping track of the logins, in a worse case scenario some “intelligent” webmaster bought a bunch of cheap citations on Fiverr. What Loganix will do is will reach out to all of those directories starting with the most important ones first such as and get them to reflect the current listing. If there are other citations, such as the ones I mentioned about Fiverr, they will do outreach to the owner of the site and will try three times to contact them to get them to update the listing. While they never hit it quite 100%, they are far and above the best at what they do. The only thing you had better get ready for is the sticker shock because it isn't cheap at $549.00. I have contacted them before when I have only a smaller clean-up, and they did it for a lot less.


The Loganix Interface Is Surprisingly Easy To Use


Loganix this is a screen shot of their interface


The Cadilac Of Citation Building


As far as citation building made do it a lot different than Whitespark, and the cost is also much higher. 149$ gets you ten structured citations 30 unstructured citations, Citation promotion (backlinking the citations), Monthly reports & rankings (done through Microsite Masters for free), and Free local search guidance.

The thing is, you may only need to build citations for a month or two depending on the size of your area and competition. And it isn't a service like yeah Yext where you were forced to renew the services every six months or your listings will get dropped. You get a Google spreadsheet with all of your Business listings and all of the username and logins.

I will also go want to mention that these guys are FAST. Unlike WhiteSpark where they will deliver your citations in up to two months. Loganix will have your listings to delivered to you in less than 72 hours. If you are a search engine optimization firm, you could easily just by the citations and do whatever another small amount of four and it will look like you've been doing a lot.

That said, I would only use Loganix for a high-end client such as a doctor, lawyer or plastic surgeon because of the expense. However, these guys are search engine professionals, and they know what they are doing, and I have never once been let down by their service, and I can only recommend them highly. My only beef with them is their prices are a bit high, but then again they are the Cadillac of citation building services.


local maps kingpin


Helpful Hint


HINT: For 349$ you get 60 local business directories, 30 video citations, 30 photo citations, 15 social media citations and Citation promotion. They also have a “drip fed” package for $159. Thier citation cleanup services are unmatched by anyone in the United States. We have heard international sucessrates vary though we have not been able to test!

Check Out Loganix: The Best Local Citation Service

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