How To Use A Semantic Mastery's DFY RYS Stack

This webinar explains how to use “done for you” Drive Stacks from Semantic Mastery. How a person would use a Gstack is going to differ from scenario to scenario.  Whether you have the time to train your virtual assistant or if you would prefer to save a ton of time and buy them done for you from SERPSPACE.

How to Use RYS Stacks

Personally, I use the power of RYS to give my money site a push in the SERPS. Links from these powerful Google properties not only skyrocket your ranking, but they also act as the protective shield. When Google takes a look at your backlinks profile: It's going to see backlinks coming from the most trusted source on earth:


Never underestimate Google's narcissism!


rys stacks review


I've had to struggle with getting my virtual assistant used to baking complex stacks like this. They also have to look good because often parts of your Gstack Will appear in the top 10 Google rankings. You want these opportunities to convert. Their designer is a complete ninja when it comes to putting together to drive stacks that will convert.

The Resale Method

You can make decent money reselling these networks to clients. RYS is not practicedby many, so they do ‘t need to know you didn't do the actual work. As an example, you could buy a drive stack for $400 from SERPSPACE and resell it for as much is $1500-$2000.


googe drive

Going Long Way

That is what I did, and I don't regret it. However, it will require you to go through the RYS training (expensive) and get the understanding of it and then train a VA. By the time you're finished with that, it could be months later. That is why sometimes it just makes more sense to buy them. As an additional benefit, you get to see what the product looks like delivered by masters of the game (Marco Benavides and Dr. Gary Kirwin).

My Top Uses

RYS Stacks work well with everything. They are especially handy for launch jacking, reputation management, and local SEO. They can also be used to boost videos very efficiently!

Boss Tip

You can save 30% on RYS Academy by joining Semantic Mastery Mastermind. Not only that, you get to access all of their other great Semantic Mastery training products for free!


DFY RYS Stacks

We wanted to reach out to everyone and remind them there are only 36 hours left to get 20% off of our RYS done for you service

Link to Webinar:

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