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SERP SPACE by Semantic Mastery has always been one of those hidden gems on the Internet if you are an SEO Guru or Internet marketing professional. Think SEO Clerks times 1000!The marketplace comes with a complete suite of services which range from network tracking for your IFTTT channels (which is free to start) all the way up to GSA Search Engine Ranker link blasts for those stubborn videos that don't want to move. They have added a lot of new features since we reviewed the site last.

1. Video Powerhouse is significantly expanded! You now how more niches to get your YouTube videos embedded. You also can add tier 2 embeds, as well add additional “backlink juice” for those stubborn videos that don't want to move. Check Video Power House out here!

2. Press Release Services: Serp Space now has added press releases to its suite of tools. Semantic Mastery has been talking about doing this for a long time, but now it is finally here. Check out their press release service here!

3. Done for You Services: Semantic Mastery invented and perfected the building of IFTTT networks, and their prices are quite reasonable, and you know you are getting top-quality. Check out the done for you IFTTT networks here!

4. Maps Powerhouse: This is quite similar to Video Powerhouse, but it has to do with maps syndication to help you rank in Google maps! Maps Powerhouse very powerful tool you might have seen mentioned in the Local Kingpin training. Go to the Marketplace to check out Maps Powerhouse!

They are offering a fantastic deal that's life RIGHT NOW! Starting this morning, for only the next four days until Monday the 28th, you can get: 25% OFF ANY SERP SPACE CREDIT PACKAGE! – As I mentioned in the video, the credit packages are very generous. I struggle to run through my credits every month!


A Look at The Marketplace


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The New Video PowerHouse


So, if you want to use Video Powerhouse more, get more map embeds, secondary embeds, you name it, now's the time to grab your credits!

Use coupon code: crazyfriday16

And, finally… 10% off ANY link building order Just use coupon code: crazyfridaylinks16 Start your order here: Video Powerhouse

Remember, these are only available for a limited time!

BUY NOW!!!!!!!!

5 star review


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