Serp Space – Video Powerhouse Review Update 2017

Video Powerhouse is part of the suite of services offered to members of Serp Space by the fine folks at Semantic Mastery. The way it works is pretty simple; You take a video you want to promote and optionally a playlist. You choose how many networks you would like to submit to, and your video is embedded on one WordPress site along with the playlist and then submitted out to one IFTTT Network Tier.


Updated Niches


One of my issues, when I first review Video PowerHouse was it, did lack in niche selection. After closing video powerhouse for some time the guys from Semantic Mastery have fixed the niche issue:

video powerhouse niches

Now With Optional Drip Feeding Social Signals


This was a feature that I requested, was instead of getting all of the “juice” all at once it now can be drip fed in 4days to a month. You can also get the instant blast to create the viral effect. I chose which way on want to use it depending on my strategy.


drip feed social signals


Adding Structured Data To Embeds

You can now add JSON-LD markup to you embeds:

structured data


You Can Keep Adding More Backlinks


You can backlink you embeds with backlinks from Web 2.0 (like you would get from FCS Networker or SEO AutoPilot) anf if that isn't enough linkjuice you can get your Web 2.0 backlinks with GSA Link Blasts, but I doubt you will need it if the video you are promoting is even halfway decent/


Video Powerhouse is an excellent service for those who want to give their video a burst of “juice.” The sydication network submit has grown to over 1000 sites. From each hosted WordPress it then is sent out to a branded tier one IFTTT network.

Thank Is A Lot Of Juice!

A screenshot of the admin from video powerhouse

Does Video Powerhouse Work?


Video Powerhouse has $100 /mo for 1000 credits or you can buy credits a la carte. The monthly gets you a lower cost. I recommend starting only submitting to 10 or so networks, then see where it ranks. Most times, the first submission is all you need. Then, if you haven't achieved your desired result, you can add more embeds.

I like this service. It takes 60 seconds to submit a video and playlist and yields decent results.



BUY NOW!!!!!!!!

Check it out here:

4 stars review

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