Review of WhiteSpark's Local Citation Finder


Whitespark is the opposite of Loganix. Not in a bad way at all. It lets you do things much more affordable and by your choosing. They provide some cool tools to do it. My favorite is the Whitespark local citation finder.Say You are a business looking to come up and the local listings? Where is the best place to check for the best local citations? How about the competitors that are ahead of you? Meet Whitespark Local Citation Finder Review! Your problems are now solved.

Spy On The Competition


This is a big picture of the white spark local citation finder backend


I'm assuming if you're reading this you're already familiar with what a NAP is (name, address, and phone number) or maybe you are just a Business owner looking to go the DIY route and build your local listings. Either way, this is the perfect tool to do it.

Is This A Dream Tool For Local SEO Experts?


Local Marketing experts argue that citations are the single most important factor in determining regional ranking. Google Maps and Google local is a smorgasbord of moving parts. One day that may be true and that might change in a few weeks; regardless citations aren't going anywhere.

Consistent citations did from local or high domain authority websites tell Google how prolific your businesses is in a particular area. At one time it was simply a nuclear arms race to who could get the most citations, that is still faithful to some extent, but the more reputable your sources are, the better you will rank.




What is even better about the White Spark Local Citation Finder is when it finds a citation that you can sign up directly from their interface. You can build the citations, have a virtual assistant do it yourself with Roboform, Or the use of their link building service which is quite a good value even though it takes a little while for your links to post.

Make sure you check out the videos so you can see how cool this tool is!

The Local Citation Finder is just one among a suite of tools and services that Whitespark offers to local marketers.



Check it out here:



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