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Udemy course reviews for 2017

Udemy Course Reviews 2017

Udemy Courses We've Taken and Reviewed

We do not write fake reviews or just copy the user reviews from Udemy! We have taken every one of these training courses from beginning to end. These are what we call our “in-house” reviews. We become students because they cover a subject we are interested. One thing that helps is we can we pick up these courses when Udemy is doing one 80%-95% discount. Click here to enroll in Udemy notify, and we will keep you in the loops when these crazy Udemy Discount Codes become available.

My New Course Just Came Out Yesterday:


the greatest youtube course of all time

The Greatest YouTube Cards Couse Of All Time – My first two Udemy courses were a bit technical, this one is dead simple. It deals with one thing only: YouTube Cards. That may sound like a silly premise for a course, but Cards are the unsung heroes of Youtube. Here are some things you might or might now know:

  • YouTube Cards improve the overall health of your channel. By using cards, you can keep people on YouTube longer. YouTube is like most social media platforms. Once you are on YT, they want you to stay there. Fact: Youtube rewards channels that bring people to their platform and bring them back You can do all of this thing with cards.
  • Instant Affiliate Sites: I'll show you shortcuts to NOBODY Else is talking about. By using other Google properties, you can have instant land pages for affiliate offers (or anything you like), as well as a great traffic source, which is (of course YouTube).
  • How To Play Your Cards Right – I will show you how to make the most out of cards using data that Google already gives you, so you can take the guesswork out of when the next time is to “drop your cards.”
  • 27 Other Tactics You Probably Didn't Know About  – As with many things Google, they like to test features, and you will never hear about them. With cards that end on this course. Anytime there is a change in the technology; you will get an update.
  • It's only 10$. That isn't one of those exclusive Udeny discounts you have to wait. That is how much cost, I can't even change any less!


udemy pinterest seo

The Best Pinterest SEO Course Of All Time – anything and everything you ever wanted to know about Pinterest and the massive effect it has on search engine rankings is covered in this course.

  • How to make your self a “Pinfurencer.”
  • How to use structured data and Rich Pins
  • How did take advantage of geolocation
  • How do bring life back into your old posts
  • Much, much more


udemy video marketing

The Best Video Marketing Course Of All Time – Advanced video marketing techniques that go above and beyond and take you to “ninja status”. Learn to rank videos on:

  • Youtube
  • Vimeo
  • DailyMotion
  • Advanced RSS Techniques




Udemy Review: SEO 2017 – Complete SEO Training + SEO for WordPress Websites

  • This one is an excellent guide, covers a lot of subjects like pages speed and negative SEO that many other SEO courses miss!
  • Anyone from a novice to an experienced SEO can learn something
  • This is my pick as the best course on Udemy!


Ultimate Google AdWords Course 2016–Stop SEO & Win With PPC - 10$ coupon


Review of Udemy’s Ultimate Google AdWords by Isaac Rudansky

  • Isaac Rudansky is, in our opinion, the best instructor on Udemy. This Adwords training course is the highest rated on Udemy!
  • You couldn't learn at a “real college” what is covered in training” absolutely a must have.



A Review of “Google Analytics: Take a Data Driven Approach to Growth.”

    • This course is excellent because of it, not only teaches you how to use Analytics, but how to make use of that data to improve your website.
    • The instructor makes what can be relatively complex subject easy to understand and less intimidating.


google knows your kewords


Review of How Retargeting Works – The Complete Guide To Retargeting Ads!

  • Another grand slam from Isaac Rudansky and the rest remarketing/retargeting course you can take online.
  • See above: End of Story!


land page couse udemy discountt


Review Of Landing Page Design & Web Design Fundamentals 2017

  • This one is a slight departure for Isaac Rudansky and focuses on the psychological principles both how well-focused web design leads to higher conversions.
  • This course made me take a good look at what I was doing wrong. I watched it three times now!


seo for dummies by peter kent


“WordPress Security – How to Stop Hackers” By Andrew Williams

Learn how to protect your WordPress site against malicious activity and negative SEO>

  • Lean what you need to know about WordPress threats
  • Master All In One Security and Firewall In a flash



Complete 2017 SEO Training With Top SEO Expert Peter Kent

SEO is pretty simple, and this course explains it all:

  • Keywords for SEO
  • Preparing Your Site Properly
  • Understanding Content in SEO
  • Meta Tags, Formatting Body Text & Images, etc.
  • Boosting SEO with Structured Data Markup
  • Local-Search SEO
  • Understanding the Importance of Links in SEO and How they Work for You



A Review Of Shopify Power By Jason Miles 

This course is OK for those that know nothing about the internet but have a physical product!

  • Taught by award-winning CEO Jason Miles.
  • Very Basic
  • Sometimes Self-promotional
  • You can do better



Review Of Udemy’s: Affiliate marketing hacks #1: Smarter campaigns

A quick fix of an affiliate tip and some, well, you just have to read the review!

  • Description: hacks to create affiliate marketing campaigns that convert.
  • Some advice is good; some dated
  • Self-promotional at times


review of Marketing strategy to reach 1,000,000 people with SEO


Marketing strategy to reach 1,000,000 people with SEO

A review of Udemy's marketing strategy to reach 1,000,000 people with SEO by Alex Genadinik is all over the place and unfocused and not the best choice.

  • Seems like a compilation of other courses, some info is dated.
  • Unfocused, but with a lot of content, not all SEO.



SEO Training: How to Get to the Top of Google with SEO

Daragh Walsh's who is best known for Google Analytics on Udemy. We review: “SEO Training: How to Get to the Top of Google with SEO”

  • Geat course for those new to SEO
  • A bit brief
  • Excellent instructor.

Useful Links To Help You Navigate Udemy

How To Find The Best Courses On Udemy!

  • Udemy is a great platform, but sometimes they do some tricky stuff based on where in the world you are searching, whether you've been a student or not, and even local currencies. Use this handy guide to avoiding pitfalls!

What Are the Best Hacking Courses on Udemy?

Our List Of The 12 Best Marketing Courses

  • Through a combination of research and feedback you found needs to be the 12 best marketing courses on Udemy.

Udemy Notify


These are some of the most popular and most talked about Udemy classes in June discount coupon 2017.

Design for Humanity: A New Perspective on User Experience – Important name in Design space. Very influential in the development of CSS as it stands today.

Chef Fundamentals: A Recipe for Automating Infrastructure – Chef is a platform for DevOps workflow. This is the only Chef course on Udemy reviewed and approved by Chef Training team.

Unreal Engine 4: How to Develop Your First Two Games  – Only Unreal course on Udemy reviewed and approved by Epic Games.

Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Practice Tests – Top AWS instructor (Ryan Kroonenburg) on Udemy and new practice test product to accompany his best-selling course.

Fire Starter Sessions Video Workshop with Danielle LaPorte – High profile instructor (doing instructor promo till 4/17 after which they'll opt back into all deals)

udemy promo 2017

Promo To Looks For

October Sitewide #1 Start Date: 10/05/17 12:01 AM PST End Date: 10/10/17 11:59 PM PST









October Sitewide #1

Start Date:     10/05/17  12:01 AM PST
End Date:      10/10/17  11:59 PM PST

Discount: All Courses will be $12 USD for all Users

  • All courses on Udemy down to $12  until 10/10
  • All Courses on Udemy are up to 90% off until 10/10


Suggested Positioning: "All Courses on Udemy are up to 90% off until 9/29"






Course We Are Watching!

In Review Queue & Top Feedback

These are courses we have plans to review or are currently reviewing!

Google Analytics Certification Exam: Get Certified in 2 Days Become Google Analytics Certified in Just 2 Days to Help Secure Your Next Interview, Promotion or Client. New for 2017! – Bestselling – 4.6 (515 ratings) – 5,285 students enrolled.

The Complete SEO Guide to Ranking Local Business Websites “Watch over my shoulder as I redesign and rank a real live client local business website on the 1st page of Google” by Christine Maisel. (4.7 of 501 ratings4,207 students enrolled)

ClickBank Success – Affiliate Marketing Without A Website – Proven system for success as a ClickBank affiliate. No hidden secrets, this course spills everything – 4.7 (1,205 ratings) – 9,613 bright students have enrolled!

NEW for 2017! Growth Hacking with Digital Marketing (v 4.0) – Advanced Internet marketing training, not for beginners or how-to. (4.5 – 791 ratings – 10,714 students enrolled)

The Complete Digital Marketing Course 2017 – 12 Courses in 1 – Learn Online Marketing by doing. SEO, Facebook, YouTube, Email Marketing, Copywriting, Google Analytics, Adwords & More! 4.4 (4,118 ratings of 38,956 students enrolled)

Social Media Marketing 2017 – Learn PPC on 10+ Platforms – Learn how to market via Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Google and more advertising platforms!Bestselling (4.6 stars on 1,128 ratings – 11,500 students enrolled)

WordPress Theme Development with BootstrapLearn how to confidently develop custom & profitable Responsive WordPress Themes and Websites with no prior experience. (4.5 of 3,211 ratings) – 23,596 students enrolled

Shopify Power: Build An Ecommerce Website Using Shopify89% Discount A-Z training on all things e-commerce, more specifically on the lucrative Shopify Platform. (Average 4.7 – 169 ratings – 1,092 students enrolled)

Email Marketing Mastery: Make More Sales By Sending Emails – Learn the counter-intuitive principles you can use to build an email following and grow your sales 4.7 (77 ratings 7,323 students enrolled)

A Brief History Of Udemy


For this of you who are unfamiliar with Udemy and are wondering if they are legit, you look no further than the company's listing in Crunchbase:

Continuing education is always challenging. There was a time when a high school diploma was all you needed to get a good, entry level job. You could work in the mail room, or get a job on the factory line, and then work your way up to a comfortable position. Maybe you'd never be in charge of the company, but you could do an honest day's work, and make enough money to live comfortably.

These days, every single job seems to demand a degree of some kind. If not an actual two or four-year degree, they at least want to see a certificate that you completed an appropriate class. Unfortunately, classes are expensive, take time, and don't help you pay bills until you're done with them. The high cost of education is why so many people are falling to the internet, where they can take online courses. But even there, it takes a lot of time and determination to find online courses that are even worth taking.


Top Quality Education


Udemy excellent online education is every subject you can imagine. By going to Udemy, you can get access to hundreds, if not thousands, of online courses. Many items discounted to members, but sporadically.

Not only do they bring the top rated online courses, but they make sure that they inspect and vet each and every course. The community evaluates the courses, and this helps Udemy judge which courses are worth keeping around, and which ones should get the boot.



Why Use Udemy?




The simple truth is that nothing in the world is perfect. Online courses allow you to learn the skills you need at a pace better suited to you, let you save money, and study from home. The lower cost helps some people acquire skills they otherwise might not have. But in exchange, there's no centralized location to find every available online course, and there's no university body to judge whether or not a particular instructor is doing their job.



The Power Of The Community



The community is why Udemy is such a fantastic resource. They collect online courses in one location, allowing you to search for what you need. Instead of having to spend several hours going to multiple websites, trying multiple different Google searches in an attempt to find a course that fits your needs and budget, you can go to Udemy. They've got all the courses in a single place, so you can search for everything in one place and know that it has vetted for quality by the number of students enrolled and instructor rating

Not only that, but you won't have to worry about what happens if the course instructor doesn't provide what they promise. Instead of having to struggle with the course worker yourself, you can contact Udemy. They help you get what you paid for, one way or another. That way, when you sign up for an online course, you can feel safe in the knowledge that you won't have to worry about wasting your hard earned money.

At the end of the day, continuing education is still challenging. You have to take time out of your day, sit down and study new information, and try to force yourself to learn and remember. However, learning more life skills that can help you in multiple ways is always beneficial. If you're not learning, you're not alive, as people often say!



So if you're hoping to further your education, but just haven't figured out how to make it happen, check out Udemy. You'll find out fairly quickly that they offer an excellent resource in figuring out how and where to learn more about your future career.

Among the best-selling courses deal with marketing, Google certification, and health and fitness, but you can find anything or even become an instructor yourself!

More Sales

More Udemy Promo Coupons For October


Diwali Sale

Start Date:     10/16/17  12:01 AM PST
End Date:      10/19/17  11:59 PM PST

Discount: All courses $10 for users in India, everyone else $12


  • India: Celebrate Diwali with online courses for just ₹640 until 10/19

  • US audience: All courses on Udemy down to $12  until 10/19

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All New Users (visitors coming to Udemy.com for the first time) see $10 for the first 24 hours, everyone else sees 75% off

Meet Your End of Year Goals Sale

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Discount: All Courses will be $12 USD for all Users


What Is The Coupon Code?

  • IAll courses on Udemy down to $12  until 10/31 If mostly global or international audience: All Courses on Udemy are up to 90% off until 10/31

All Courses 90-95% “Udemy September Deep Discount”

All Courses $10 September Sitewide Sale #2 ($12 Flat)   Brand New Pinterest SEO Training     The most thorough interest search engine optimization course ever created, aptly entitled "The Best Interest SCO Course of All Time". The Best Video...

What Are The Top 100 Udemy Courses Of 2017? (so far…)

List Of The Top 100 Udemy Courses of 2017 From Our Google Drive Below is what we have determined to be the top 100 Udemy course of all time. For information of how we calculated this list as well as links to get this list in a PDF, web page or more consumable format,...

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How To Make A Free Affiliate Site For Instant YouTube Traffic

"How Use YouTube Card Traffic To Make A Free Affiliate Site" Here is a continuation from the five-minute affiliate site. I probably should have shown you first because blogger is more similar to WordPress. I'll show, but I'll explain Google domains next. If you have a...

Ten Udemy Courses from September 90% Discount (Selected Dates Only)

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Review of Udemy's “WordPress Security – How to Stop Hackers” By Andrew Williams

Review of Udemy's "Wordpress Security - How to Stop Hackers" By Andrew Williams Today's review WordPress Security "How To Stop Hackers" by Hackers by Andrew Williams is a Udemy course I had to pick up out of necessity. My sites were getting hacked, or more...

“The Greatest YouTube Cards Course Of All Time” From Udemy

"The Greatest YouTube Cards Course Of All Time" From Udemy In this video from The Greatest YouTube Cards Course of All-Time are sure you how to make an affiliate site in five minutes using nothing but Google properties. For example in this video, I used to the classic...

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September 90-95% Discounts - What Are The Best Udemy Courses? If you've ever been curious if Udemy was it any good, the company is giving you a great chance to find out during the August Curiosity Sale. Every course in the online learning platform is $10....

The Best Pinterest SEO Course Of All Time On Udemy

Udemy - The Best Pinterest SEO Course OF All Time   My second course on Udemy just came out today. The Best Pinterest SEO Course of All Time it Is now available! I have a special coupon for the first ten students to register you will get it 6.66% ($10 for full...

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