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How To Search For The Best Courses On Udemy

People are always asking me what the best way to the best courses on Udemy. There are a few criteria I look for when I am trying to discover something new to learn. First off, Udemy is the best place to take online courses. There isn't even a second place. People also ask if Udemy is accredited. The answer is no, so it isn't without its flaws. That said, it's relatively easy to distinguish what the premium, level courses are vs. the duds. In the video accompanying this post, I explain exactly how to find the best programming class. For this example used “how to find the best Java class.” For purposes of this post, let me clarify that there are two ways you can search for a course on Udemy. You can search “logged in” (already a student) or a private browser as if you've never been a student at all.


Here are the things I am looking for:

1. Let Udemy tell you: The owners know when they have quality online course, and you will see it featured.

2 Rating: Obviously, you want to go for four stars and above. The strength of the Udemy Community is it acts as a self-sorting mechanism that lets the cream rise to the top.

3, Number of Students: Generally, look for 10,000 and above. That doesn't give an entirely fair shake to the newer courses, but it's a good indicator.

4. Last updated: When you were learning something like coding with Java you want to stay current, for security issues if nothing else.

5. Ratings versus the total number of students: Udemy makes it somewhat difficult to the game system, but it doesn't hurt to take a quick look at The number of students versus the number of reviews to make sure they seem realistic.

6. Last updated: The courses that are still actively updated tend to be better. Also, you can be sure your instructor still is with the program case you have questions.

Those are just some general guidelines.


Here is a more advanced trick:



An Argument To Search “Logged Out”:

Here is why I suggest you try searching logged out for a separate window. From my testing, I have seen that you get better results searching not logged in or better yet using a separate window (“Incognito mode” on chrome). If you've already bought courses dealing with an individual subject, you will be heavily retargeted. Logged in searches are based on cache, cookies and the fact Udemy wants to make more money. If you search anonymously to get less heavily suggested courses based on your previous purchase or search history.

When you go to buy: Log back in!

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