Today's Udemy Review is of “Affiliate marketing hacks #1: smarter campaigns” by Kenz A. Soliman.

As always, I like to reassure my audience we do not do fake reviews. As you can see in the screenshot below, I have completed all of the course content.

Affiliate Marketing Hacks 1 Smarter Campaigns

This review may be as long as this course. “Affiliate marketing hacks #1“: smarter campaigns is just over a half-hour long.

I guess this is how Kenz A.Soliman (who is from Egypt) likes to do online training, short and sweet. There's nothing wrong with that, but don't expect to get your mind blown. She does have a few good tips, but she has a lot I disagree with, the material is dated, or she hasn't done her research.

A big part of this course is she's pushing some SAAS product. In fact, I'm not going even to name it. I am admitting bias, but about 50% the course is a swipe at my favorite affiliate marketing tool my Pretty Link Pro.

The course is divided up into four sections using the buzz word “hacks”. It is not my intention to cost Kenz A. Soliman money by revealing them so that I will outline them briefly.

Hack #1


A big part of number Hack #1 involves retargeting with Facebook pixels. Her strategy is to start building your Facebook audience as you start putting yourself out there you're witch smart. I always tell people that email marketing. This, of course, is billed on the assumption that moving forward you will be using Facebook advertising and not remarketing with Google AdWords.

pretty link pro avanced features tab

In the SAAS platform she's pushing, she claims “you can't do it with “Pretty Link Pro” which is not true and claims Pretty Link is “really expensive” which it's not. In fact, your average part-time affiliate marketer can get by on the free version alone. Pretty Link Pro allows you to put as many Facebook pixels, Google remarketing, or anything into the meta info of a link as you want. Also, “Pretty Link” allows you to redirect based on a percentage (split test), display different links to different geographic regions and view mobile or desktop optimize landing pages based upon technology redirects.


Hack #2


The instructor's advice is completely wrong, bordering on harmful. When talking about cloaking your affiliate links, which is the same thing Pretty Link has been doing forever. The service the instructor is suggesting uses a pool of domains to cloak the links.
The problem is you are sharing these domains, and that means you're responsible for other people's mistakes! It's the same reason the Viral Autobots cloaking doesn't work anymore because it's on shared URL! All Facebook or any other social network needs to do is come along in blacklist that domain and you're days of flying under the radar are over. At least with Pretty Link, you have your domain, and if you burn it that's your problem!

I am sorry, I got off on a tangent. Next, we have “rapid freebie creation” which how are you “soft sell” on social media instead of just bombarding people with affiliate links. Rather it is a smarter idea to offer your audience something of value, in turn getting joins to your mailing list, and you can market to them further. These tips are solid and, admittedly, a mistake I've made in the past.

Hack #3


She gets into using Canva to create quick e-books, I won't get into the specifics, but it is a neat trick I didn't know.


Hack #4


This part of my favorite one and it's about how to write better emails. I can't tell you how many swipe emails I delete every day just because they are uninteresting. The instructor offers some solid tips on how to personalize the copy of your emails not to be overly pushy and makes your audience see you as a human being instead of someone wants to sell them something.


These hacks are only a small part of the puzzle, so you're not going to become a master affiliate marketer, and to be fair, she makes no claims that you will be after taking this training.

One other criticism is starting a student right off with remarketing is a relatively advanced topic which requires a lot of training after-the-fact and isn't something a person new to affiliate marketing could easily wrap their head around.



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