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SEO 2017 – Complete SEO Training + SEO for WordPress Websites a Udemy Review (NOW ON SALE $10 – 95% Savings)

This course claims to be a complete guide to WordPress SEO and when you see everything covered by opening the table of contents at of the post!

When they say the “complete guide” to WordPress SEO, they mean it! In this eight-hour marathon course, that deals with everything from proper WordPress Caches, Page speed, user experience, headline composition, and even negative SEO. What sets us apart is the technical factors that ignored to most search engine optimization courses such as page speed, cache optimization and proper composition of headlines.

The Best PW 3 Total Cache Training


For me, this course scores in the beginning in chapter 3. The instructor goes in-depth on the best way to set-up WP 3 Total Cache. If you have never used this plug-in, there are no comprehensive instructions, tutorials or even support for that matter! This Udemy online course is as good as it gets! If you ever tried to figure out Minify CSS, minify javaScript, or above the fold content that is slowing your site down! Figuring all of this out can be a pain in the butt!


See the expanded menu at te bottom of this post (click to open)


10 Super Power Wordy Reason This If Killer SEO Training!

“How To Write A Killer SEO Headline” is an excerpt from the actual course itself. I chose it because I like the way instructor, even though his English is poor takes a mathematical approach to writing headlines. Plus, I thought I would give you fair warning on the not so great English. All in all, I don't believe that it took anything away from training!




The chapters on creating great headlines are also great! The instructor is not a native English speaker. It gives him an advantage because he breaks down the components in a scientific matter. How to use emotional word power words, get a score and work to improve it. This eight-hour search engine optimization course usually retails for $200 but is available for $19 for a limited time!

Also covered in training is a walk-through of entry level subjects like page headings, meta descriptions, for beginners/intermediate students. If you are more advanced, you can skip this over the beginner lessons,  without losing your place..


About Negative SEO?


One of the most interesting sections of the curriculum deals with Negative SEO. Many that claim “Negative SEO is a myth,” but as long as you have competitors that can't outrank you, don't be foolish enough to think they will just buy AdWords and won't turn into some BlackHat-hacker evil. The instructor doesn't feel excellent of explaining this to his students if the there site has been a victim of one of these types of attacks and what you can do about it.

For organic SEO and not specific to local SEO or Adwords you really can't do any better when it comes to SEO courses on Udemy. If you are in the US, you might have a bit of trouble with the instructor's poor English and accent this might not be for you, but I have no problem with it!


Instructed by Arun Nagarathanam, Sharomena Aarthi
Marketing / Search Engine Optimization


These $200 courses are currently available for $19.

Lectures: 114
Length: 8 hours
Skill Level: All Levels

Language: English, captions



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Udemy Complete Guide for SEO in Word press


4 stars review

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Section: 1 2 / 2
Introduction to SEO 2017 Course

  1. Introduction to this SEO Training 2017 Course for WordPress Websites 5:47
  2. Before you start – ReadMe 0:00

Section: 2 15 / 16
SEO 2017: Technical Factors in SEO

  1. Why Technical Factors matter in SEO? 5:14
  2. SEO Factor 1: Existence of Meta Description 2:33
  3. SEO Factor 2: Existence of H tags 3:53
  4. SEO Factor 3: H tags in User Experience + Brand Factor 4:26
  5. SEO Factor 4: Domain SEO Visibility 5:25
  6. SEO Factor 5: Keyword in Domain Name 4:39
  7. SEO Factor 6: HTTPS 7:23
    Quiz 1: Technical SEO Quiz 1 0:00
  8. SEO Factor 7: Search Volume of Domain Name 7:41
  9. SEO Factor 8: Ratio of HomePages 2:48
  10. SEO Factor 9: Domain is .COM 2:51
  11. SEO Factor 10: Flash Content 1:35
  12. SEO Factor 11: URL Length 1:42
  13. SEO Factor 12: File Size 1:37
  14. SEO Factor 13: Site or Page Speed 1:53
  15. Wrap Up 0:00

Section: 3 26 / 31
SEO 2017: How I Got Above 95 Score in Google PageSpeed Insights

  1. 5 Feature-rich Speed Testing Tools 5:43
  2. Links to Page Speed Tools 0:00
  3. How to be Fail Safe 1:59
  4. Page Speed SEO: Technique 1 vs. Technique 2 0:00
  5. Page Speed SEO Technique 1 Starts Here 3:29
  6. Install & Configure Caching Plugin 7:03
  7. Implement Free CDN On Your Website 4:59
  8. Link to Add Free CDN to your Website 0:00
  9. Page Speed Insights From Google 2:42
  10. Link to Official Google Page Speed Insights 0:00
  11. Optimize Your Website As Per Page Speed Insights Suggestions 10:32
  12. Improve your Page Speed Insights Score 6:00
  13. Eliminate Render Blocking Of CSS & Js 7:12
  14. Recent update: Eliminate render blocking Js and CSS plugin 0:00
  15. Improve Your Website's Response Time 3:06
  16. Optimize Images without Stressing your Server 2:14
  17. Optimize your Images Offline – Download Link 0:00
  18. A Plugin That Can Compress Images On Your Website 2:59
  19. Customizable Image Compression Plugin 4:34
  20. Workaround – To Optimize Images 4:46
  21. Specify Image Dimensions 2:29
  22. How I got 0.5sec Page Load time and 95 Score in Page Speed Insights 1:54
  23. Troubleshooting mis-alignment after Page Speed configuration 0:00
  24. Wrap Up 0:00
  25. Page Speed SEO Technique 2 Starts Here 3:29
  26. What is the Page Speed Technique 2.0? 2:33
  27. Install and Configure the Page Speed Optimization Plugin 7:05
  28. Eliminate render blocking of CSS and Js 8:10
  29. Optimize Cloudflare for the best page speed 2:12
  30. Completing the Page Speed Optimization 5:45
  31. Try to avoid these Slow Hosting Providers 7:58

Section: 4 6 / 10
SEO 2017: Get Indexed by Search Engines Faster

  1. Create A Sitemap For Your Website 2:15
  2. Links to all sites discussed in this section 0:00
  3. How To Add Your Website To Google Search Console 2:36
  4. How To Add Sitemap Of Your Site To Google Search Console 4:52
  5. How To Add “www” Version Of Your Domain To Search Console 3:26
  6. How To Add Your Website & Sitemap To Bing 4:14
  7. How To Add Your Website & Sitemap To Yandex 2:23
  8. Reg: How to Claim website in Alexa 0:00
  9. How To Claim Your Website in Alexa 2:35
  10. Wrap Up 0:00

Section: 5 25 / 26
SEO 2017: User Experience – Future SEO Factor

  1. Why User Experience Matters in SEO? 3:46
  2. SEO Factor 14 – How many Internal Links should you add in your post? 4:16
  3. SEO Factor 15 – How many images should you add in your post? 5:03
  4. SEO Factor 15 – How to add copyright-free related images to your post for free? 5:04
  5. SEO Factor 16 – Videos Integration 3:48
  6. SEO Factor 16.1 – How to add related videos? 3:35
  7. SEO Factor 17 – Responsive Design 6:56
  8. Links to test SEO Factor 17 0:00
  9. SEO Factor 17 – How to Change to a responsive WordPress theme for free? 5:41
  10. SEO Factor 18 – Font Size 6:15
  11. Links to test SEO Factor 18 0:00
  12. SEO Factor 19 – Interactive Elements 5:54
  13. How to add interactive elements to your WordPress website 10:21
  14. SEO Factor 20 – Unordered Lists 5:37
  15. SEO Factor 21 – Advertisements 3:49
  16. SEO Factor 22 – User Signals 2:14
  17. SEO Factor 23 – Click Through Rate 7:10
  18. How to Headings & Meta Description that induce Users to click on Google Search? 8:49
  19. Test your Heading Score with these Analysers 0:00
  20. How to add Rich Snippets to your Website? 5:41
    Micro data generator
  21. SEO Factor 24 – Time on Site 4:50
  22. SEO Factor 25 – Bounce Rate 6:03
  23. How to increase Time on site & reduce Bounce rate? 7:16
  24. How to Configure a Google Analytics account? 3:09
  25. How to add Google Analytics to your WordPress Website? 3:12
  26. How to Link Search Console to Google Analytics 4:00

Section: 6 11 / 12
SEO 2017: Keyword Research in SEO

  1. SEO Factor 26: What is a Keyword 4:46
  2. SEO Factor 27: Broad vs. Long Tail Keywords 7:35
  3. SEO Factor 28: Where to Collect Keywords 5:04
  4. SEO Factor 29: Find Top Keywords of Competitors 12:57
  5. SEO Factor 30: How to Make a List of Competitor's Keywords 6:30
  6. Google's Official Keyword Tool : SEO Tool 5:20
  7. Can't Access Keyword Planner Tool? 0:00
    My YouTube Video: How to Access Google Keyword Planner Tool?
  8. How to Validate Keywords for SEO with Google Trends 6:08
  9. SEO Factor 31: How to Convert Broad keywords into Long tail Keywords 7:49
  10. The All in One SEO Tool 7:48
  11. How to use Google Search Suggestions: SEO Tool 4:11
  12. SEO Factor 32: Find Top Ranking Keywords of Your Site 8:09

Section: 7 17 / 17
Protect against Negative SEO

  1. Introduction to Negative SEO 2:03
  2. Common negative SEO methods practised by competitors 2:57
  3. Proofs that exists as example for negative seo on www 2:40
    Matt Cutts on Negative SEO
  4. What falls under this negative seo attack 2:54
    Virus Total – Scan your files here, before uploading to server
    Theme Authenticity Checker Plugin – Verify whether your theme is Genuine
  5. 5 different SEO tools to analyse your backlink profile 5:32
  6. Links to 5 different SEO tools to analyse your Backlink Profile 0:00
  7. Interpret the situations that are not a negative seo attack 4:35
    Download Web Of Trust [WOT] Add-on here
  8. Steps you’d do to get your 1st line of defense against negative SEO 2:52
  9. How to protect the best SEO backlinks in your backlink profile 4:35
    Link to Open Link Profiler (Sometimes this tool may face downtime, if so try later)
    SEO Profiler – Sign up for free to use all the features discussed
  10. How to collect list of worst SEO backlinks – Part 1 5:00
  11. How to remove them from eyes of google part 2: SEO 2017 2:35
  12. How to remove the worst SEO backlinks in your backlink profile 4:42
    Link to Google's Official Disavow Tool
    Who.is – To get the Contact Email of any website owner
  13. SEO Factor 33: How to avoid duplicate content within your website 6:10
  14. SEO Factor 34: How to deal with 404 not found pages 6:24
  15. SEO Factor 35: What is a canonical tag? How to use it? 3:37
  16. 5 common SEO mistakes that are done by webmasters 5:12
  17. Some of the bad SEO practices you’d not do on your site 4:48

Section: 8 1 / 1

  1. Bonus

October Sitewide #1 Start Date: 10/05/17 12:01 AM PST End Date: 10/10/17 11:59 PM PST









October Sitewide #1

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