Udemy Review: “SEO Training: How to Get to the Top of Google with SEO”

Udemy Review: “SEO Training: How to Get to the Top of Google with SEO“! Why does Udemy always make course titles so long?
Anybody who knows about SEO will tell you that's too long for a title tag! In full disclosure, before I review any one of these classes I take the whole thing! I've done this before as consumer, gone to review sites and they've given these great reviews. I was an idiot and didn't realize they were affiliates!

What did I think of this course?

I've got to admit I'm a jaded. I'm an SEO, on the advanced side, but let me walk that back. If you were looking for a basic understanding of SEO, this course is as good or better than many.

That said, I'll mention why there are better SEO courses on Udemy I'd recommend.

The first thing is on keyword research which is finding what the best keywords with the most volume and the least competition. Instructor, Daragh Walsh (whose Google Analytics course is excellent), shows you three tools to generate a thousand keywords. Next topic is the Google Keyword planner who isn't valid anymore. Google has restricted keyword planner data, and he talks about the new hacks. He's updating this course, that is always a good sign.

Next up, “assessing your competition”: I think you should send a copy this video to your clients because so often they have unrealistic expectations, “I want to be number one for hotels.” but they are the proprietor of some Hotel in some Bumpkin County. He explores “the perfect way to write your SEO content,” which is, in my opinion, to not overly SEO it just write it like a book.

URL optimization is covered, something a lot of people skip over, and how to write, title tags is imperative and the most important thing in this chapter.


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The next one is a grenade. Because it works, or it works now. “How to rock at your CTR with this little-known tactic”. There's nothing little-known about it's a stupid crap everyone does! “Listicles” aka “five super hot reason/secrets”. I can't wait till people stop clicking them because that's something that works now, but it won't forever!

You will learn to “give your SEO a boost by doing your copy and tags and all that and getting your H Tags sprinkled in your content. H tags are an important tactic that people don't mention. Normal people don't write this way, but the geeks at Google expect every section of your article to have a different header, and if your keywords are in the header, it helps rank.

Next up, how to get more traffic with image optimization, then internal links which something I've always preached about and he touches on which is suitable types of backlinks when to get them. What SEO training would be complete without the great “debate of follow versus nofollow,” how to stop negative SEO (blackhat SEO) and how to protect yourself against malicious links. He says to use the disavow tool and I think that's going to Google and saying, “I'm a spammer, lock me up.”

That's just my opinion.


Daragh Walsh does, and excellent job explaining “social signals and backlinks (what's the difference)”. That often can be confusing, before continuing how to steal your competition's backlinks, traffic that's with tools like SEMrush and Majestic SEO, and how to find key influencers in your niche. The next chapter is “guaranteed links modeling your success, ” and it is an advertisement for his analytics course. Then “visual resources” such as Pinterest and SlideShare. I think to know that SlideShare is being spammed pretty hard and stopped ranking, but it's worth mentioning.

I always laugh at “earn links through guest posting which is somewhat of a controversial subject. He talks about Google Plus which, even though it's a lame social network it is Google's, so it only stands to reason activity there will help. Next, he shows a couple of ways you can perform SEO audits. One of them was with a Chrome extension which I now use.


buying backlinks funny

He even touches on buying backlinks. Even though Google hates it, People will try to do it. You may as well give them the best practices (if you can call say that).

Last is, “technical SEO“: PageSpeed, search console, and checking for Crawl errors.

So what did I think?

If you're just getting started an SEO or are early in your career this is good a place to start as any there's nothing wrong with it. It's a bit brief, in my opinion, but not a slacker. Daragh Walsh is a pro he knows what he's talking about.

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Udemy SEO Training 2017: How to Get to the Top of Google with SEO


4 stars review

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