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Do You Know How Many Websites Are Tracking You?
Why You Should Consider A Rogue Identity!

It’s not a big secret that some of the largest websites are collecting your personal information. For the most part, they aren't doing it for any nefarious purposes; they only want to provide better targeting for their ads.

For example, when Gmail launched there was a tremendous hoopla when people found out that Google was spidering the contents of emails to target the AdWords appearing on the periphery. In all likelihood, no one at Google, Apple or Facebook is reading your personal information, but they have machines that do.


Don't Like Having You Internet Privacy Abused? Take Action!


That said, people aren't perfect, nor are the systems they create. Look at the recent security breach at Yahoo. It was the largest data breach in history, not to mention Yahoo's demise.

So that leaves you in a pickle. Sure, you love the convenience and freedom of the Internet, but you don’t want to put your financial or personal safety at risk! You might consider creating a “rogue identity.” I did not coin the term, but it’s not as nefarious as it sounds.

You just need to know what information these companies collect!!

1. Location: they will be taking a look at your position based upon the IP address where you log-in. In the past, you could spoof this by using a proxy, but the problem is proxies are a favorite weapon of hackers, and you don’t want to look like one of them. Here is where it gets confusing: If you are logging into a Starbucks WI-FI you are using a proxy. Any of these companies will be expecting to see proxy logins from time to time. In fact, now with mobile consisting of over 60% of Internet traffic, logging in from public Wi-Fi's is his only going to become more common.

2. Cookies: Another thing that most services have is some cookie policy. Cookies are nothing new and have been around for a long time. In some cases, cookies can protect you, such as if someone is trying to hack one of your accounts that haven’t been identified. On the flipside, having too many cookies will only slow your connection. From time to time, you will have to clear your cache and cookies, but someone who is cleaning their cashing cookies before and after every Internet session is going to look suspect as well.

3. Machine ID: If you had asked me five years ago I would’ve told no service would go as far as to record your device ID, but these days it’s pretty standard. For those of you who don’t speak geek, let’s do a theoretical. Say you have just cleaned your cache and cookies and when you go to log into “X” service you can still auto-complete your login and password. That is because the company has bound your name to a machine ID. In my opinion, that's overkill, but I am not the CEO of any of these corporations either.

4. Your Email Address: this one can be tricky because to get an email address you must have a previous email on file. There are burner emails you can get, but then without any connection to an email address, it is highly likely you will get locked out of your account should you lose your phone and forget your password.

5. They want to know who you are, but do they need to know THE REAL YOU? That is how creating a rogue identity comes into play. All you need to do is go to facknameganerator.com, make a profile and store the details somewhere with a unique picture (more in a future post). Your “rogue identity” will be your ID online activities so the real you can stay: YOU!.

So, the best option is to buy a computer, keep it on in some safe location, and log-in to THRU a phone?

my rouge identity


The answer would be yes!

In 2017 you can fo that for using “free” software, but it would be a nightmare to maintain and if the power went out for even a second someone would have to turn the remote computer back on. At that point just managing something like this would be such a nightmare, it would outweigh any benefits of having a “rogue identity.”


purevpn username and password

Alternatively, you could get a VPN which in the past have always been kind of expensive, but that all just changed drastically or at least for a limited amount of time because you can get a top quality PureVPN with MORE POWER THAN YOU NEED FOR $2.45 a month!

This offer could end any minute: For $2.45 you can have PureVPN and a “rogue identity” for less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

Sometimes you can have your cake and eat it too, but you have to ACT Fast!

BUY NOW!!!!!!!!

Check Pure VPN out here:

5 star review

Update: You must have heard the news by now that the US Senate has voted to legalize mass surveillance and the telcos in the US will have to log everything a user does on the internet.

While this is devastating news for internet users in the US, this gives you an awesome opportunity to increase your sales by capitalizing on this legal development. Just to update, PureVPN and Strong VPN don't keep any logs and don't have data retention policy. - Read More Info

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